About Jolyn Volyn

  • Prosecutor Experience
  • Criminal Defense Experience
  • Civil Litigation Experience
  • Judicial Experience
  • Fair, Balanced, & Impartial
  • Best Candidate

Jon Volyn is the most qualified and clear choice for Chelan County District Court Judge.  He has been practicing law for more than 20 years in the private sector as a trial and litigation attorney, and has served as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. He has a vast civil general practice background and is the only candidate who has represented individual clients and worked with other lawyers in the private sector as well as in the criminal court context.  

As an attorney, Jon has received significant accolades. He has been named one of the state’s top 100 litigation attorneys, has been given the Outstanding Service Award by the state bar, been given pro bono service awards, served as the District Bar President, and was asked to serve as an inaugural lawyer leadership program member.

Most importantly, Jon is the only candidate with experience and training as a Judge.  For almost two years, he has been a primary pro tem judge for Chelan County District Court, at the request of the current presiding Judges.  This means he has served as the presiding District Court Judge on a regular basis, actually performing in the role he’s running for now.  He has been the presiding judge for every type of matter that appears in district court, from contested traffic citations, to guilty pleas and sentencing, and even presiding over jury trials.  

Jon’s judicial philosophy is straight forward - punish when conduct and crime demands it, but at all times treat all parties with compassion, dignity, patience, and respect.  Often, a criminal defendant and society are best served with treating the heart of the problem – such as drug addiction or mental illness – instead of incarceration.  Jon’s mission from the bench is to help people become better and improve on the issues that caused the problem in the first place.  Jon is committed to promoting community safety and deeply understands issues that impact our community. This is why Jon supports the creation of specialty courts, such as Drug Court and Mental Health Court, as a means of preventing crime. Jon also supports community collaboration as a means to combat other issues desperately ailing our community, such as gang violence and poverty. 

This drive follows him even outside of the halls of justice. Jon serves the community through volunteering and community service; he is engaged in Rotary, and helps the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society carry out their mission. He serves as co-chair and executive member to an organization supporting local refugees from the Ukrainian war, and is deeply committed to the Chelan County community and those less fortunate.

At home, Jon is a dedicated and devoted family man. He is a proud husband and dedicated stepfather to his son, Nick.  Jon and Cindy are chicken farmers, and enjoy their two dogs and a cat who dominate the household. They spend as much time exploring all the outdoor recreation opportunities Chelan County has to offer, and throughout the year they can be found  snow skiing, hiking, trail running, bicycling, paddleboarding, and camping.  

Without a doubt, Jon is the best candidate to serve as Chelan County District Court Judge. He is committed to providing not only the most fair and just proceedings, but will also act with compassion, integrity, and the requisite judicial temperament that best exemplifies the position and Chelan County.

Vote Jon Volyn for Chelan County District Court Judge, Position 1.