Jon Volyn for Chelan County District Court Judge - Position 1

"With my unparalleled experience, I will provide not only the most fair and just proceedings in District Court, but I will also act with the ideal judicial temperament, compassion, and values that best exemplify the position and Chelan County."


The Best Choice

  • Current primary Pro Tem Judge in Chelan County District Court for over 1 year
  • 20 years of legal experience, including Criminal Prosecution, Criminal Defense, Civil Plaintiff Litigation, and Civil Defense Litigation
  • Participation in 100+ trials
  • The only candidate running for this position with these important qualifications 


- Plan for alternative court programs
- Uphold the law, justice, and values on the bench



- More than 20 years of a criminal and civil practice that has prepared him for the bench
- Over 1 year experience as the primary Pro Tem Judge in Chelan County District Court



Jon Volyn promises that he will discharge the duties as judge with justice and values always in mind

I’m the only candidate with that breadth of experience both as a  practicing lawyer and as a judge to be able to know how to address a wide variety of issues.
Jon Volyn

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